Joining Crossfit was a hard thing for me to do, but it was by far one of the best decisions of my life. Iv made loads of friends, I socialise with the other members and aswell as being a lot fitter and healthier, Im also a lot Happier. To top things off I was awarded the Coaches Member of the Year award last year.
Angelo and his team have been amazing. They have shown me how to push myself and helped me with the more technical movements. I really am grateful for what crossfit GB have given me so far and can't wait for what happens In the future."


In regards to the classes and feedback, I've absolutely loved it. Always come away feeling properly worked, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and for me it's the perfect mixture of endurance, strength and everything else that comes with it. I have wanted to join a tighter knit community kind of gym for a long time, where you actually feel like everyone supports eachother and motivates eachother, so that's another thing that's really good for me. I've obviously been going to the gym for a while but I feel like im always improving now at CrossFit and feel like im being pushed, which is exactly what I needed. Love the variety, love the fact that the classes are max 10 and it's intimate, and just genuinely really enjoying it so thank you!


Absolutely loving it mate, everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The sessions are brilliant, first time almost being sick yesterday after the 21,18,15 kettle bell and burpees as I went off way to quick!! It's very addictive. Thanks for all your help too mate you've made the 6 weeks brilliant. Chris, Connie and Ellie awesome and really helpful especially as I'm new to everything.


I have really enjoyed the 6 week intro, it has flown by and I have genuinely looked forward to each class which says a lot! I've always tried to keep a regular routine of exercising but always seem to get bored and give up. Doing the intro course has given me the structure I need to continue and the classes have so much variety which keeps it exciting and motivating! The whole team are amazing and really put the time in with us newbies to make sure we understand the exercises and can work on our technique. I couldn't fault it!


Despite the workouts being as brutal as I remember from my last experience of CrossFit 6 years ago I've loved every class. All the coaches have been amazing and all the members at GB are really friendly and it does have a real sense of community which is great, everyone pulls each other through. I also really like that everything is scalable based on your current fitness levels and capability. The nutrition sheet has also been really helpful and paying more attention to that has also helped to increase my energy levels and keep them much more consistent throughout the day rather than just relying. On coffee to pick me out of a slump.
I've lost around a stone in weight and look and feel like a different person, so thank you and the team for all your help and support I've loved the last 6 weeks and can't wait to continue my fitness journey.


I have started to notice my ability is getting better the running class I did the other day when you was their even if it was a fast walk I was able to go a little further and felt a lot better.
I am also noticing changes in class when I am able to do something I never dreamt of doing and even though it sounds silly last week was the first week I was able to do 3 sessions and wanted to go to CrossFit I have also found it has helped my mental health and thinking.
I will email Sarah about prices for the 3 sessions per week but would like to say a Thankyou for the start of my journey which I know will be a long one of weight loss but will be a good challenge and the support from each and everyone of you is amazing.