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"Helping you get Fitter, Stronger and Healthier, to ensure you're living your best life possible"


CrossFit Greater Brislington first opened in 2011. Since then we've helped weight loss, improved fitness, and built hundreds of more confident people for everyday life.

1. Discover a whole new way to train effectively
2. Improve both your cardio and strength at the same time
3. Always be greeted with a smile


From your first class people will encourage and motivate you, and you'll soon realise this is more than just exercise. You'll soon make and start training with friends, begin working towards the same common goals and have more fun than you ever thought possible.


The magic is in the movements, and how we deliver them. Our workouts are different every day and modified to help each individual achieve their goals. CrossFit workouts can be adapted for people at any age and level of fitness.

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19th September , 2023 19 / 09 / 2023 Tuesday, 19th September
🏋️WEIGHTLIFTING CLASSES🏋️ If you want to improve on your Snatch and Clean & Jerk technique then come along to our Olympic Weightlifting classes on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7:30pm. Booking is required and spaces are limited 👍🏻 #crossfit #gym #bristol #weightlifting #olympiclifting #snatch #cleanandJerk
18th September , 2023 18 / 09 / 2023 Monday, 18th September
✨THIS WEEK✨ We have a de load this week on our strength stuff before going into to the next phase from next Monday. We have some great workouts planned for you guys so looking forward to seeing you all at the gym 💪🏼 MONDAY; Back Squats + CHIPPER 🔔 TUESDAY; LongWod- EMOM 20x 2 👹 WEDNESDAY; Press + 2 x 7 MINS 🪜 THURSDAY; Sumo Deadlift + 12 MIN AMRAP 💸 FRIDAY; Catchup + INTERVALS 🕣 SATURDAY; TeamWod- TBA 🤷 SUNDAY; Sweat- TBA 🥵 #crossfit #gym #bristol
15th September , 2023 15 / 09 / 2023 Friday, 15th September
THIS WEEKEND With the gym being out of action we are going to be doing something ‘outside the box’ and heading out for a 7 mile hike around the outskirts of Bath. The plans are; Meet at Newbridge Park and Ride at 0930 Hike should take around 2-3 hours max Stop off for coffee and cake at Bath Soft Cheese Back to the cars for around 12:30-1:00pm If you’re planning on coming along please book on so I know how many to expect. See you all there 🥾 #crossfit #gym #bristol #outsidethebox #kelstonroundhill
14th September , 2023 14 / 09 / 2023 Thursday, 14th September
STRONGEST SQUAD IN TOWN 💪🏼 #crossfit #gym #bristol #brislington #fitnessmotivation #fitfam
12th September , 2023 12 / 09 / 2023 Tuesday, 12th September
✨THIS SATURDAY!✨ This Saturday we are doing one of our ‘Outside The Box’ adventures and we are going to be staying local and exploring the outskirts of Bath. We will be meeting at 0930 at Newbridge park and ride and from there we will be doing around 8 miles total (with some breaks of course). The gym is closed for the weekend so there are no sessions on so another reason to get involved. Feel free to bring friends and family along, of course dogs are welcome also 😁. Please book on via boxmate so I know who’s coming and I will hopefully see you all there 👍🏻 #crossfit #bristol #greatoutdoors #explorebath
11th September , 2023 11 / 09 / 2023 Monday, 11th September
✨THIS WEEK✨ We have an exciting week ahead. Please note that the gym will be CLOSED THIS WEEKEND! We are doing an ‘outside the box’ event on Saturday in Bath so hopefully there will be lots of you there for that. MONDAY; Back Squats + AMRAP 10 🏋️ TUESDAY; LongWod- 3X EMOM 12 🏃‍♂️ WEDNESDAY; Press + AMRAP 20 👧 THURSDAY; Sumo Deadlift + 5 RFT 🧳 FRIDAY; Catchup + EMOM 16 👹 SATURDAY; Closed SUNDAY; Closed #crossfit #gym #fitness #training #community #bristol
7th September , 2023 07 / 09 / 2023 Thursday, 7th September
SUNDAY SWEAT CLASS 😅 ✨When is it?✨ 0815-0900 every Sunday morning ✨What’s the difference between this and CrossFit?✨ This is a 45 minute conditioning class consisting of very simple movement’s. It is an interval / circuit based class designed to give you a good sweat and burn off some of those weekend beers 😉 ✨Can non members attend?✨ They can indeed, they will still need to book on via the website but there are no pre requisites for this class, anybody can attend. #crossfit #sweatclass #gym #fitness #bristol