"My lifestyle has changed drastically over the last few years. I have gone from being 23 stone, smoking 30 a day and binge drinking every weekend down to 15 stone and nearly tea total.....except for special occasions.

When I started on my weight loss journey I became a bit of a recluse. I used to go to work and not socialise with anyone. I felt I had to stay away from the temptation. I tried a few conventional gyms which just didn't work for me and then I found Crossfit GB and things began to change for the better. I was always obsessed with the scales, weighing myself daily, even after loosing all the weight I still had body image issues but now Its all about what I can achieve and how i feel. At my heaviest I didn't have the leg strength to get off the floor, I used to have to find something to grab hold of to help me up and now I can Back Squat 95kg and Deadlift 125kg aswell as cycle to and from work and do workouts I never thought id ever be able to.

Joining Crossfit was a hard thing for me to do, but it was by far one of the best decisions of my life. Iv made loads of friends, I socialise with the other members and aswell as being a lot fitter and healthier, Im also a lot Happier. To top things off I was awarded the Coaches Member of the Year award last year.

Angelo, Laura, Emma, Will and Kate are an amazing team of coaches. They have shown me how to push myself and helped me with the more technical movements. I really am grateful for what crossfit GB have given me so far and can't wait for what happens In the future."

Andy Seek

I joined Crossfit Greater Brislington in July 2015 after relocating to Bristol from London to escape the hectic lifestyle. Sport in general has been a dominant part of my life since a very young age; I have taken part in a huge number of sports from netball and swimming to full contact rugby and triathlons, although I've always struggled to find a sport that I do not get bored with over time. I've also found myself repeatedly being mindlessly bored stuck on cardio machines for hours in mainstream gyms and not getting results or being challenged. I knew from the moment I attended the Crossfit GB taster session that I would be addicted to Crossfit.

Firstly, the encouraging and supportive environment was something unlike any other gym I had been to. Even though you're surrounded by people lifting heavy weights and pushing themselves to their limits I didn't feel put off giving things a go or intimidated by the other Crossfit GB members. The first few sessions were a little daunting as the weight lifting techniques were completely new to me but the coaches were always there to give the needed support and, as the weeks went by, also push me to add on that extra weight or to do a few more reps. Having a health condition which means my body has a high level of insulin resistance has meant that I have struggled for a long time to lose weight, however, after just 5 months of Crossfit I've lost 12lbs and have noticed my body shape transform. I am in no doubt that this is down to how much I enjoy Crossfit which is firstly down to the great coaching and secondly the atmosphere from all the other Crossfit GB members and the 'community feel' it provides. This has kept me going to classes again and again and it will definitely keep me going back for more.

Regardless of your sporting background or fitness levels, I couldn't recommend Crossfit GB highly enough to anyone and suggest to everyone that they at least give it a try!

Lucy Miles

"I joined CrossFit Greater Brislington a month prior to having ACL surgery hoping that post surgery they could help get me fit again. 

From the start the team at CrossFit GB were more than accommodating and understanding of my situation, in the beginning offering me the space to do my physio exercises and even offering additional scaled versions of the CrossFit workouts to get me involved. Over time I was able to take part more and more in the classes. Even when I thought my knee was much better the coaches were always keeping an eye out for me to make sure I wasn't at risk of hurting my knee or doing something too soon, they always offered alternatives so I could be involved. 

As I had hoped through time and some great coaching my fitness levels returned and eventually I was surpassing a level of strength and fitness I had never been at before. The coaches had noticed my improvements and encouraged me to push myself further and consider competing in competitions. 

From day one until now almost 2 years later one thing that has always stuck with me is the people at GB and the great atmosphere you get in the gym and the real sense of a strong community. 

The team at GB helped me reach my goals and exceed them but in the process I got to make some great friends doing it. From someone who is new to fitness all the way up to someone looking to compete I couldn't recommend CrossFit GB more."

Paul Greenhalgh, MOD

"Having given up competitive swimming and netball some years ago  I wasn't doing enough exercise and was in an exercise rut. My partner was introduced to CrossFit GB through a friend and suggested we both go along. Having never used weights or some of the equipment before it was all very new but Oli & Angelo were super at explaining, demonstrating and breaking things down until we could get the hang of it. It didn't take long before we were hooked & it was the first time we'd both been excited to exercise in years. The range of movements, equipment and formats a workout can take means we will never get bored! 

We could both see improvements in our general fitness and strength really quickly & with a wedding on the horizon it also helped us both get in shape for the big day. 
Everyone involved at Crossfit GB is friendly, encouraging and happy to cheer each other on when the going gets tough. 

Unfortunately a difficult pregnancy prevented me from continuing to exercise during it but I was finally able to return to crossfit 3 months after having my first baby. A year off in total  meant my strength and stamina had taken a big toll but I was excited to get back to crossfit and start improving it as early as I was able. With the coaches being so knowledgable and encouraging this wasn't daunting in the slightest. The movements and exercises can be scaled to suit individual ability including post pregnancy fitness levels (or lack of!) 
5 months down the line and I was able to complete my first triathlon which I really enjoyed. 

If you are thinking of giving Crossfit a go, want to get fit and meet a great bunch of new people I would absolutely recommend Crossfit Greater Brislington!"

Claire Khon, Physio

"I've always had an interest in getting fitter and stronger but have struggled with sticking to a plan or even going to a gym regularly. Over the last few years I've tried various different "standard" gyms and I've always found myself getting bored and easily distracted. 
I was first introduced to CrossFit GB by my partner who had recently joined and couldn't stop singing its praises, I decided to go along to a taster session and was hooked straightaway. The atmosphere and team spirit made it so much more enjoyable than staring at a mirror in a gym. Every session is different and the coaches always find a way to push you harder than before making it exciting and fresh. 
I've been a member for nearly a year and I've never been fitter. I would urge anyone who's thinking about going to a taster at GB to 100% go for it!"

Matt Jenkinson, Drummer


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