Getting Started

Get Started with CrossFit GB Today

Prior to joining CrossFit GB you will need to complete our Fundamentals class and our Intro course. This will give you some experience of the main Crossfit movements ready for when you come to main classes.

Our Fundamentals class runs every Thursday evening at 7:30pm and is completely FREE. This is your introduction to CrossFit. During the class we will introduce you to the gym, go through the basic movements and then finish with a little workout. On completion of this class you may then advance on to the Intro course.

The Intro course runs on Saturday morning at 8.30am for 60-90 minutes. It costs £25 and covers the more technical CrossFit movements.
The aim of this course is to give us the opportunity to coach you on these movements and allow you to practise them before going in the main classes. Once you've completed this course, thats when the fun begins and you can begin training in the main classes.

On successful completion of both your Fundamentals class and Intro course you may then set up your membership and start booking in for our main classes by clicking HERE.

Getting Started;

Your first Fundamentals class is completely FREE!

- The Fundamentals class is every Thursday at 7:30pm

- On completion of Fundamentals you would then need to complete our Intro Course which costs £25

- Intro Courses are on Saturday mornings at 8:30am and last between 60 and 90 minutes

- On completion of the fundamentals class and Intro course you may then join in with the main classes.

- to book your first FREE class please email

PT Fundamentals / Intro Classes;

- Complete the Fundamentals / Intro Course at days and times that suit you.

- We move at your pace, on average 1 / 2 sessions

- Sessions cost £30 for 1 hour

- To book your first session email

Skills Test;

- Previous CrossFit experience or advanced Gym experience

- Cost of test is £30

- To check eligibility contact us at