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Weekly Bulletin

Weekly Bulletin

Sunday 14th March 2021

Good morning GB'ers, I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. We're one step closer to opening the doors up for you guys, feels a bit like Christmas so to make sure the gym is looking nice we've decided to give the walls a bit of a paint. I'm going to be getting started on it during the week but then planning on getting most of the work done on the weekend. If anybody is around and would like to come up and give me a hand you're more than welcome. I'd make sure there were plenty of snacks on hand so you were well fuelled ;)
Obviously with social distancing I wouldn't be able to have loads of you in at once but if you have an hour or so and fancy popping up drop me a message and come and join me for the Paint party of the decade. Aswell as painting there are a few other bits going on that you guys are going to love but will leave that as a bit of a surprise for when we re open.

We are on day 14 of our Habit checker and todays task is a slow and steady run. This ties in nicely with the Running club that Chris has set up so hopefully there are still plenty of you following that and hopefully reaping the benefits.

Have an amazing day team, if you're like me and counting the days until we re open then we're getting close but in the meantime stay positive, keep training and we'll be back in the gym before you know it.

Have a good one,