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Weekly Bulletin

Weekly Bulletin

Sunday 21st February 2021

Good morning guys, I hope everybody is keeping well. I'm sure most of you are aware that Boris is due to make his announcement tomorrow so fingers crossed we get some good news and at best a date or rough timeframe for when we might open. Regardless of the outcome I have put together a fun task for you guys, its a bit of an experiment and something I've not done before so curious to see the affect it has. I have found these lockdowns to be particularly difficult because I'm such a creature of habit and rely on my routine and structure. Not being in full control really made me focus on the areas I am in control of, my nutrition, my training (to a degree) and my habits. Its these habits I want us to focus on as I feel we have / are providing enough content to keep you guys physically fit but with regards to general lifestyle habits we haven't really addressed this. I have put together this lifestyle checker and for everyday in march there is a different task for you to complete. Some of you may already be doing some or all of the tasks on here but I am very curious to see if there are some things that may be of use and how you guys feel after completing each task. I will be asking for some feedback after so the more people that take part the better. Everything on there is designed to make your day a little bit better so hopefully it should help you mentally and physically have a great month. I will be emailing this out to everyone tomorrow morning so please check your email and will be looking to get started on Monday 1st of March for anybody who wants to take part.

Have a great day and look forward to seeing you guys at the gym very soon.