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Weekly Bulletin

Sunday 30th August 2020

Good morning guys, I hope you are all well. I wanted to take a minute to explain the importance of scaling workouts. In a typical class we have a variety of participants, some of which are new to the gym, some have been with us for many years but all of you are very different in terms of your ability you strengths and your weaknesses. When you see a workout on the board that is effectively a template and you are going to be doing a version that is going to be best suited to ensure you are getting the best possible workout for YOU! This will quite often involve scaling the workout by maybe swapping a particular movement for something slightly different, amending the amount of reps you do or time you work but all of these changes are to give you the best workout. My point is, if you want to train for longevity and get the best from the programming don't be afraid to scale a workout because long-term it will make you a lot better, will keep you injury free and you will enjoy the your training a lot more. I am saying all this because I am going to be incorporating a bit more technical gymnastics to the workouts and I don't want anybody to be put off coming as every movement will be fully scalable, so enjoy your training, look forward to coming to the gym and just have fun getting fit.


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Back Squats + METCON
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Power Cleans + INTERVALS

Aerobic Conditioning- LONGWOD

Time trial + INTERVALS

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