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Weekly Bulletin

Weekly Bulletin

Sunday 16th August 2020

Good morning GB'ers I hope you are well. A few things to announce before we get to the programming;

Im sure you may have noticed the extra pull up bars up in the gym now, this means we are now able to get more bar work in which is great and even better that every box has access to its own pull up bar which is awesome...thanks again to Sam P for getting them up for us.

Unfortunately we will no longer be running any kids sessions at GB for the time being, we may introduce them again in the future but due to low numbers we cant justify the class time. This means that there will now be a regular session on Thursdays at 1630hrs the same as every other day and there will be an extra 'Learn to Lift' session on Sundays at 0900 for those of you that were struggling to book on.

This Tuesday there will be someone coming down to the gym to do some filming in the afternoon so please let me know in advance if you don't wish to be on camera. Its only to do a short promo video so wont be there for long, probably from 1600 to around 1800hrs.

Finally, there is to be NO use of Liquid chalk at the gym! You should all be coming with towels so you use them to wipe your hands if they get sweaty and also clean up any sweat at the end. The cloths we provide are simply for cleaning the equipment once it's been sprayed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends and look forward to a solid week of training.

Single Leg lower + LONG EMOM

Upper push / pull + METCON

Learn to lift- Cleans

Aerobic conditioning- LONGWOD

Power Snatch + METCON

Handstands + AMRAP

Saturday Hustle with Chris TBA

Learn to Lift- Snatch