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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 7th June 2020

Good morning team, I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend so far. Earlier in the week I sent out the 5km running program to everyone that wanted it, if anybody didn't see the post or would like a copy then drop me a message and I'll send it over to you. With that if you want to arrange among yourselves to come and do the interval sessions using the 400m loop at the gym you may do as long as it's in accordance to government guidelines.

Its getting very close to us hopefully getting the go ahead to open and I'm in the process of getting things in place for when we do. There will obviously be some changes to the way things run as we will have to adhere to certain standards set by the government but I feel this could actually really benefit you guys and am actually excited to get things going again. We are very fortunate to have a nice big facility which means distancing wont be an issue. Once I have more information for you I will let you know and will leave it as long as possible before asking for the kit to be returned as I know you're all training hard.

One last thing, earlier in the week Chris shared a link about how we could potentially win some kit for the gym. You just have to CLICK HERE and explains little about your experience during lockdown and if myself, Connie, Chris or Ellie have supported you just have to tell them how and the we could potentially get some nice new shiny kit. It has to be done by the 14th June so if you do have a minute and would like to get involved use the link about.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I will see you all very soon.


1) Tempo Bulgarian Split Squats
4x12 @3131 (EL)
Rest 1 min
(Use weight if possible)

1) 3 Rounds;
50 Double-unders / Jumping Jacks
25 Thrusters
25 Burpees

2) 3 Sets;
30s Plank (L/R)
30s Plank (R/L)
30s Rest
(Wide stance with opposite arm and leg raised)


1) EMOM 10;
8-10 Tempo Press ups (20X1)
Max Russian KB Swings
(Its 10 sets, each minute starts with press ups, aim to go unbroken)

15min Amrap;
20 Alt DB Snatch
30 SA Push Press (50:50)
40 Alt Mountain climbers


15min Amrap;
10 Down ups
20 Lateral Jump overs (12" minimum)
30 Swings

Rest 3 mins

15min Amrap;
60s Cardio (See notes)
30 Alt Box Step ups
15 Dips
(Lower intensity, focussing on movement quality and consistency throughout)
(Cardio can be any machine you may have (rower, ski, bike etc..), shuttle runs, skipping / double unders, jumping jacks or low box step ups.)

10 min Accumulative Squat Hold
(Straight feet)


1) EMOM 12;
40s Squat Jumps
40s Stiff Leg Deadlifts
40s Plank

5 Sets;
60s Max SDHP's
60s Max gob rev lunges
60s Shuttles or high knees running

2) Tabata
Hollow / Tuck Hold
(8x 20s work / 10s rest)


1) 4 Sets;
12 Seated SA tempo press (ES)
Rest 1 minute
(Tempo is 3131)

2) 2 Sets;
60s Upright rows
60s Bentover rows
60s Rest

For time;
30 Alt SA Devils Press (Buy in)

HR Press ups
Alt V Ups (both legs= 1 rep)

30 Alt SA Devils Press (Cash out)
(15min Cap)




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