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Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Bring a Friend Day

Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Bring a Friend Day

Sunday 8th March 2020

Saturday 4th April at 9:00am I will be running a community wod at the gym where you can bring a friend down to join in FREE of charge and they will be your partner for the workout. It wont be anything overly technical but will be a tough workout so if you have any friends or family that are keen then please let them know to save the date and get tagging in the post I did earlier in the week.

Just to keep you in the loop, all the rowers and cardio equipment is being serviced / repaired on Monday so they are most likely going to be out of action for the day. I appreciate its taken a while to get the broken equipment repaired but the company I use are in high demand and this was the earliest date I could get when i contacted them last year.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends and don't forget to get your names down for the comp in a few excuses ;)




Tempo Back Squats @30X1
5-5-5-5-5 (up to rep 7/8)

'Wallball Helen'
3 Rounds;
400m Run
21 Wallball
12 Pull ups

For this next block we will be focussing on tempos with 3s decent with just a one second pause at the top between reps so you wont be resting in that top positon. Wont be going too heavy today, building the weight but leaving some in the tank.


Push Press
Build to Heavy 3

3 Sets;
12 Alt Gorilla Rows
6 Nose to wall climbs (3s Hold)
Rest 60s

3 RFT;
30 Press ups
200m SA KB Carry (100m ES)
30 Alt V Ups

Upper body push / pull session. Building on the push press for part A followed by some higher rep assistance work and then your wod.


Every 2 mins x 12;
5 Hang P Snatch
10 Lateral Box Step overs (20")

10min Ladder;
3 Burpees over bar
3 Deadlifts @70/45

Core finisher (if time)

Lower body hinge day. Will start by going over some Hang power snatch technique drills before going onto part A and then finishing with a class ladder format couplet alternating between Burpees over the bar and Deadlifts.

Learn to Lift

Hip Snatch
3's (Very light)

Hang Snatch
2's (medium to heavy)

Full Snatch
1's (build to heavy)

Segmented Snatch Pulls (1s pause)
3x5 @above max

Emphasis today on hip contact. Starting with Light snatches from the hip, building slightly from the hang (ensuring hip contact) and then finishing with full reps from the floor making sure you get the bar to the hips every rep.

Thursday- 'LongWod'

Every 5 mins x 50;

1) 1000/800m Row
2) In 4 minutes;
200m Run
20 Alt DB Snatch
200m Run
Max Sit ups

Its a long one today so don't be late or you may miss the start,

Friday- 'Fiver Friday'

10min Strict Amrap;
3-5 Strict CTB Chin ups (palms in)
10 Tempo Press ups @30X1
20s Tuck Hold

7 min Amrap;
7 Wallball
7 NPU Burpees

Rest 3 mins

7min Amrap;
7 KB Swings
14 Alt Reverse Lunges

Full body Friday. Hitting everything today, staring with some Strict upper gymnastics work before hitting two 7 min amraps with a more lower body / core focus. Enjoy!

Saturday- 'TeamWod'

Sunday- 'Learn To Lift'
C/Jerk (Ellie)



5 Rounds; (6mins each)

45s Cal Row- 15s Rest
30s Cal Row- 30s Rest
15s Cal Row- 45s Rest
45s Burpees- 15s Rest
30s Burpees- 30s Rest
15s Burpees- 45s Rest

Attack each set with intensity.


EMOM 30;
1) 200m Run
2) Max Cals- Row/Bike or Ski
3) Rest

10 Sets in total



Push Press

3 RFT;
30 Press ups
200m SA KB Carry (100m ES)
30 Alt V Ups
(12min Cap)

Skill- Strict Chin ups (palms in)


Front Squats (1/3)

'Wallball Helen'
3 Rounds;
400m Run
21 Wallball
12 Pull ups

Skill- Chest Facing Handstands


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