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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Good morning all, excited to announce that we are starting the 'Sweat' sessions this week. Thursday evening at 7:45pm for 45 minutes and then Saturday morning at 8:00am. For the first few weeks these sessions are free so if you have any friends that may be interested ask them to get in touch or send them this link COPY AND SHARE. Spaces are limited guys.

Also there some changes to the memberships for new members coming through. These changes will NOT affect current members in any way so as long as your membership is still active these changes wont affect you at all. I have also introduced a teens membership for 16'-18's so for some of the older teens looking to start main classes this is one for you.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, we've got our last open wod on Saturday and then its back to the regular Saturday hustle after.

See you in the gym.




Squat (3/3)
3,2,1,1,1 (1rm)

5 Sets;
In 2 mins;
20 Wallballs
20 Alt DB Snatch
Max Burpees
Rest 2 mins

Building to a Heavy single for todays Squats, aiming to finish heavier than last week. Todays workout try and be consistent and hit the same amount of burpees each round. Should be going unbroken on wall ball and snatch so scale if needed.


Skill Work;
Turkish Get ups (see notes)

Every 2 mins x 3 sets (12mins);
1- 60s Max Press ups (rest at top)
3- 100m KB Farmers Carry

8 min Amrap;
4 Strict pull ups (palms in)
8 SA DB Push Press (R)
8 SA DB Push Press (L)

For todays skill we are going to be looking at the turkish get up. We will all go through the technique and then hit a 5 min amrap. We will then move onto the second part which is working on Press ups and Farmers carry's. For the final part we are hitting a push / pull superset of strict pull ups with both palms in and single arm dumbbell push press.


Every 20s x 30 reps (10mins);
1x Power Snatch @60% or rpe 6

5 Rounds;
400m Run
24 Alt SA KB Deadlift @24/16
12 Toes to Bars
(20 minute time cap)

Will spend some time working on Power Snatch teckers before completing 30 reps, one every 20 seconds at around 60% of your max. We then have a 5 rounder of running, single arm alternating kettlebell deadlifts and toes to bar. This workout will have a 20minute time cap. Rounds should be sub 4 mins so if it takes longer then reduce the distance you run to either 300m or 200m.


Low Hang Power Clean
(Pause Below knee)

2's (not tng)

5 min amrap;
80% of above max

Working on power cleans from below the knee and taking a pause before you start your pull. Will then advance on to full cleans from the floor and if able will receive in a full squat or if not just working the power variation. Will drop the weight down slightly from your max and finish with a 5 minute amrap of max cleans.


Every 90s x 18mins;
1- 12 Half Kneeling SA DB Press
2- 12 Half Kneeling SA DB Press
3- 60s Reverse Snow angels
4-100m DBL FR KB Carry

For total reps;
3 mins max Cal Row
Rest 1 min
3 mins Alt DB C/Jerk
Rest 1 min
3 mins max Burpee Box Jumps

Some upper body and core work to start todays session before a the wod where you are trying to accumulate as many reps on each station as possible in 3 minutes.


Every 8 minutes x 5 sets;
Run 1000m (or Row)
50 Reps (see list)

R1- Wallball
R2- KB Swings
R3- Press ups
R4- Sit ups
R5- Down ups

For todays longwod there will be a 6:30min cap per round. Run should be around 4-5mins and then 1-2 mins on the exercise so if needed you may need to reduced the running distance slightly to ensure you're within the time limit.




Power Snatch
Singles (Primer)

Hang Snatch (Below knee)

OH Squat (rack)

Power snatch singles for your primer, building to rep 7/8 and then going heavy for Hang snatch below the knee. Will finish up with some OH Squats, sets of 5 either building or working on positions.



Deadlift- 5's

Every 2:30 mins x 5 sets;
12 Burpees
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push press
(2 min cap per round)

Skill- Hanging L or Tuck hold

Will be working deadlifts for this block, 5's this week then 3's then singles.


Overhead Squats- 3's

3 Sets
In 2 minutes;
20 Wallball
20 KB Swings
Max Sit ups
Rest 2 mins

Skill- Ring Support Holds
3-5x 30s holds

Working OH Squats from a rack to start with before hitting some intervals. Can work in pairs for this with one working one resting. For the Skill holding the top of the ring dip, can have partner spot them to stop hands coming away if required.


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