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Friday 4th October 2019

Most of the time people that constantly chalk up during a workout are using it as an excuse to get a few extra seconds rest. The use of chalk is to decrease the moisture in our hands but you don't need to constantly re apply it. If you have very sweaty hands bring a towel with you and dry between sets, it leaves a lot less mess.

When and how you should use chalk:
- Firstly this is a little amount of chalk, not so much that your hands would get lost in the snow!
- Apply a LITTLE at the beginning of a workout that involves a lot of bar work.
- Apply chalk to the part of the hands that grips and suffers the most friction (very top of the palms and fingers). Trust me, your forearms and face wont need any!
- When applying chalk keep your hands inside the bucket (there is no need to clap!).
- If your doing push-ups/burpees etc please use a mat, often the gym is left looking like a crime scene where we have been dusting for fingerprints.

Examples of when you should NOT use chalk:
- When you come off the pull-up bar after a set of pull-ups. Dont kid yourself, its not because you dont have enough chalk on your hands!
- You don't need chalk for a 400m run (unless your running on your hands).
- You don't need chalk everytime you're about to put your hands on an object.
- If you're leaving big white hand prints on the floor then you're using too much!

Please do not overuse the chalk, the floors are getting chalky enough without the abuse. Next time you reach for the chalk, look at your hands and ask yourself "Do I really need to chalk up or am I just looking for an excuse?"


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