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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 6th October 2019

Good morning all, I hope you're all enjoying your weekends. Before you scroll straight down to the programming, a few things to mention.

The changes to the timetable come into play this week. This means Kids sessions will be running on a Thursday at 4:15pm instead of Friday and there will now be an adults class at 4:30pm on a Friday instead of the 7:30pm Friday class (Gym will close at 7:30pm). Also the weekend classes are now at 9am with the gym open from 9am until 11am both days.

This Saturday will be the first of our Open Wods which means we need to bring everyone together for a bit of a community day. I'm going to fire up the BBQ, get some burgers and hot dogs going, any bakers out there feel free to bring some treats up and we can hit the open workout have some food and maybe a beer or two. Even if you're not signed up, still come up, be good to get us all together. (Kids and dogs welcome)

With the Open Workouts we don't know what they are going to be until the Thursday so as we've done on previous years I have moved the Long Wods to Friday so you can still train if you're doing the Open workout and not be to beat up.

Have a great day guys and I'll see you all in the gym.



Back Squats
3,3,3,3,3 (Build to 3rm)

12min Amrap;
15 Russian KB Swings @24/16
12 Gob Rev Lunges @above
9 Burpees

Final week on 3's, today we'll be building to a max set. Todays workout we have done a few times, great assistance work for your lower body and a real simple wod that you should be ale to maintain a good pace throughout.


Skill Work;
Kipping Pull ups (see notes)

5-4-3-2-1 (Build)

10min Amrap;
30 Double unders
15 Push Press @35/25
15 Press ups

After a good warmup we'll spend 10mins going through some kipping pull up progressions before advancing on to our session. If you can do these can work a 10min EMOM of 5-10 reps. We will then build to a heavy single on the Strict press before finishing with an Amrap of some high rep upper body assistance work with double unders. A great opportunity to practice some skill work ready for the open.


Every 4 mins x 5 sets;
10 Power Snatch @42.5/25
200m Run
15 Box Jump overs

Deadlift Cycle (wk3/6)
3x10 @add 5-10kg on last week
Tempo- 3s down
No Mixed grip
No touch and go

Today we are going to start with some interval work which should be nice and light. Working some barbell cycling for the Snatch, the run and then some box jumps to finish. This should be around 2:30mins work so if you need to scale at all you can. Building the weight for your deadlifts ensuring you maintain the set standards as previous weeks.


Power Clean- 2's

Hang Clean (below knee)
Heavy Single

For Quality;
Power Clean + Hang Clean
Working at 70% above
(Each set has to be unbroken so rest as required between sets)

Will start by working Power Cleans from the floor for doubles, either building or just working on technique. Will then dance to Hang cleans from below the knee and finish with some volume work at a percentage of your Hang Clean Max.


EMOM 15;
1- 3 Wall climbs + 5s Hold
2- 5 Strict Weighted Pull ups
3- 30s Tuck / Hollow Hold

5 Rounds;
10 Thrusters @50/35
20 Bar Hop Burpees
(15min Cap)

Working some strict gymnastics for our Part A before finishing with this heavy Thruster / Bar hop burpee combo.


5 Sets;

In 2 mins
200-300m Run
Max Alt DB Snatch

Rest 60s

In 2 mins
20-30 Cal Row
Max Press ups

Rest 60s

In 2 mins
15-25 Cal Bike
Max Sit ups

Rest 60s

Due to the Open workouts being on a Saturday, for the next 4 weeks the LongWod will be on a Friday. Aiming to work for just under 90s leaving you with around 30s per exercise.


OPEN 20.1 + BBQ


Muscle Snatch + OH Squats

2 Pos Snatch
(Low Hang + Floor)

Every 30s x 10mins;
1 rep @80-90% above Max

Primer will be Muscle snatch and OH Squats either building or working teckers. 2 Pos Snatch will build and depending on OH Squats will do full depth or just power. 10min EMOM for volume work to finish.



"3 Pos Snatch (Sessions 1/3)
(Above Knee, Below Knee, Floor)

10min Amrap;
200m Run
10 Bar Hop Burpees

Skill- Banana Holds (Hollow Holds)

Over the next 4 weeks we will be focusing 3 sessions on the Snatch and trying to build each session we do it.


Push Press- 3's

EMOM 12;
1- 40s Row
2- 40s Hang Power Cleans
3- 40s HSPU's (or press ups)
(Try and hit the same reps each round)

Skill- Ring Support Holds
3x30s (Rest as required)

for the skill can work in pairs and have one spot the rings if required.


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