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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 29th September 2019

Good morning GB'ers. Attached is a picture of the updated timetable that I am going to be trialling from Monday the 7th October. Having closely analysed the results from the survey you did a while back and class attendances this year I am working towards building a timetable better suited to the majority. I have a lot of exciting plans for the gym and over time will be implementing these but for now I have moved the Fridays Teens Class to a Thursday and replaced it with a 4:30pm Adults class. I have then removed the 7:30pm Class from Friday as its always very quiet so the gym will now close at 7:30pm on a Friday. Loads of requests for the Saturday class to move back so on a Saturday the Gym will be open from 9am to 11am with a class at 9am and on Sunday it will be 9am to 11am with the weightlifting class at 9am. If you want to come in earlier to train on those days you may do so by signing out the key.

These changes are by no means permanent, I am going to to trial them for a while and then re assess in a couple of months to see if they have made much of a difference. These are all things that have been suggested by you guys so I'm sure they will be welcomed.

If anybody has any questions or queries don't hesitate to contact me direct to discuss.

Many thanks.



Back Squats
5x3 @heavier than last week
(add 2.5-5kg)

10min Amrap;
500m Row
50 Wallball
50 KB Swings @24/16
50 Box Jumps

Big lower body day today. Building on your back squats from last week and then finishing up with this lower endurance wod. Can anyone get back to the rower?


Deadlift Cycle (wk2/6)
3x10 @add 5-10kg on last week
Tempo- 3s down
No Mixed grip
No touch and go

Every 2 mins x 7 sets;
12 Burpees over bar
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Shoulder to OH

Carrying on with the deadlift cycle. Depending how last week felt can add either 5 or 10kg to the bar. Still shouldn't feel too heavy as have a few more sessions left yet. Some interval work to finish, pick a weight you can get through unbroken, and each round will be capped at 90s so scale burpees if required.


In Pairs complete;

12min Amrap;
400m Run
Partner holds Wall Sit


12min Amrap;
300m Row
Partner holds Plank


12min Amrap;
20/15 Cal Bike or Ski
Partner holds KB on chest (32/24)

Mixing it up this week. 1 person working a hold while the partner completes the set distance. As we only have two bikes if its busy we may need some volunteers to ski instead.


Snatch Balance + OH Squat

Tall Snatch

Hang Snatch (Below Knee)

EMOM 10;
min 1- 1 rep @60% every 15s
(4 reps total- keep hold of the bar)
min 2- Rest

With all three parts of todays session its up to you whether you build your weight or spend the time on a lighter weight just working technique. For the EMOM at the end you will be working hang Snatch at a light weight and holding onto the bar between reps completing one every 15s for 1 minute and then resting the following minute.


Heavy 3

3 sets;
3 Press @90% above
5 Strict Pull ups (can add weight)
Rest 2 mins

12min Amrap;
6 HSPU's
9 Hang Power Snatch @30/20
30 Double unders

Building on last weeks heavy 5 press, today its a heavy 3 followed by 3 dropsets @90% superset with Strict pull ups. Wod will be an amrap of moments that you shouldn't have to break so ensure you scale if necessary.


4 Sets;
30 Heavy Russian KB Swings
Rest 30s
60s Plank Hold
Rest 60s

EMOM 21;
1- 200/150m Run
2- 15 Burpees
3- 10 Toes to Bars (30s Cap)

Each set should be unbroken but as heavy as possible. You may add weight for the planks if possible. For the EMOM you will get most of your rest after your TTB, you won't get much between the run and burpees, just enough for the transitions. Scale reps is required, aiming to work for no more than 45s on each.


Open Prep Wod


Split Jerks (Pause in Dip)


7 Min ladder;
1 Clean + 1 UB Split Jerks
1 Clean + 2 UB Split Jerks
1 Clean + 3 UB Split Jerks
...... (60/40kg)

Working on Split Jerks today, building from a few weeks ago when we did 3's. Again you can either build or work teckers with a lighter weight. Followed by clean doubles and then finishing with an ascending ladder of unbroken split jerks starting each round with a clean.



5 Sets;
1 Min Max Cal Row
Max UB Press ups
(Work in Pairs and rest 1:1)

8 min Ladder;
KB Swings
Sit ups

Skill- SA Farmers Carry -3x200m
(Swap arms at 100m)


OH Squats- 5's
(Work on teckers or build weight)

10min Amrap;
15 Wallball
15 KB SD High Pull ups
15 Burpees

Skill- Kipping Pull ups Practise


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