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Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Sat 12th October (save the date)

Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Sat 12th October (save the date)

Sunday 15th September 2019

Good morning all, I hope you're enjoying this lovely weekend. Some epic workouts planned for this week and will be testing your deadlift max on Wednesday in prep for the start of a Deadlift cycle. This weeks LongWod is going to be fun also with some exercises you may not have seen before so be sure not to miss it.

The Open is fast approaching guys and Saturday the 12th October is when we will be doing the first workout. I was thinking about firing up the BBQ and making it a bit of a family day. Can run a few heats of the workout, and then fire up the BBQ and get some burgers and hotdogs going and maybe some you bakers out there could rustle up a few treats for us (hopefully Michael the baker is back). Will send out timings nearer the time but save the date guys as will be good fun and a good way to kick off the Open season.



Back Squats
5x3 @70%

12 min Amrap;
50 Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15
25 Burpees over DB

After completing a few weeks of speed squats we are now going to see how that transfer over as the weights start to increase. Don't expect a lot of rounds from todays workout but it's definitely going to be a fun one.


Push Jerks- 3's
(see notes below)

Every 4 mins x 5 sets;
400m Run
10 P Clean + Jerk @60/40kg
(or 60-70% above)

Can spend the first part either building the weight to heavy set of three reps or working your technique with a lighter weight. For todays workout there will be a 3 min Cap per round, but should be aiming to complete the run within under 2 mins and then 30-40s on the Clean and Jerk so scale the running distance and the weight if required to ensure you finish your rounds in the sort of time.


3,2,1,1,1 (Heavy Single)

15min Amrap;
20 Russian KB Swings (heavy)
10 HSPU's (Dips or Press ups)
50 Double unders
100m SA Farmers Carry (50m)
30s Side plank (ES)

Testing our Deadlift for the first time in a long time as looking to start a deadlift cycle next week. Todays workout is known as a grinder which refers to a workout that although done for rounds, the nature of the movements means its more of a skill / strength based workout as opposed to being a highly intense wod.


Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat
2+1 (Primer)

Hang Snatch

EMOM 10;
1 Hang Snatch @above Max
15 Wallball

Your primer is where we will focus on the movement patterns with lighter loads before progressing onto building to a heavy set in the Hang Snatch. You will then finish with an EMOM alternating between Wallball and one heavy snatch at the weight your did for your double. Lifting heavy loads under fatigue.


5 Rounds;
In 8 mins;
1000/800m Row (4min Cap)
400m Run
Max Reps
Rest 2 mins

R1- Wall Climbs
R2- Prisoner Step ups
R3- Med Ball Sit ups
R4- Reverse Burpee
R5- Sprinters

Aim to work for around 4 mins on the row, run should take around 2 mins leaving you with roughly 2 mins on the exercise. Mixing up the movements today so should be fun.


5 Sets;
5 Strict Pull ups (can add weight)
Rest 45s
10-12 Seated DB Press @21X1
Rest 90s

4 Rounds;
60s SA DB Clean
60s SA DB Push Press
60s SA DB Reverse Lunges
60s REST
(Rx- 22.5/15)

For part A the pull ups can be scaled down to either negatives or Ring rows (max effort) and then when choosing your weight for the dumbbells ensure you can hit 12 reps at least for round 1. For the workout you will swap arms every 30s and the aim is to try and hold onto the dumbbell for all 3 movements without putting it down and stay consistent throughout.




Hang Power Cleans + Front Squat
3x3+3 (Primer- see notes)

Cleans- 2's (not tngo)

EMOM 10;
1 Clean + 3 Front Squats @ 80-90% above max

Using the power variations for your primer / extended warm up so won't be going heavy on these. You may build the weight but no higher than rep 6/7. For the second part you'll be either building to a heavy double or working on technique with lighter weights. Will finish with a heavy EMOM for 10mins starting with a clean and then 3 front squats at 80-90% of the weight you got up to in your cleans.



Hang Snatch- 3's
(If you can't OH Squat will do Power)

600m Run (3x200m)
30 Wallball
30 Alt DB Snatch
400m Run (2x200m)
20 Wallball
20 Alt DB Snatch
200m Run
10 Wallball
10 Alt DB Snatch

Skill- In Pairs;
3min Amrap Walkaways (Alternate Reps)


EMOM 10;
1- 10 Push Press (no racks)
2- 20 Russian KB Swings
(Can work in pairs and alternate if busy)

5 Sets;
15 Press ups
100m Farmers Carrys
Rest while partner works

Skill- Weighted Planks (3x40s)


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