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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 1st September 2019

Good morning all, I hope the weekend has treated you well. You may have seen my post last week about this years Open, but I want to try and encourage as many people as possible to sign up this year. We will be doing the workouts on Saturday mornings starting from the 12th October and on that first weekend was thinking of getting the BBQ out and making it a bit of a family day. Will run a few heats for the workout so you can cheer each other on and then hang around after for some food and maybe a beer or two. I'll send out more details over the next few weeks but if you save the date that would be awesome.

I am going to temporarily stop the gymnastics class on a Sunday as the attendance is very low, on average 1-2 people and quite often we wont get anyone turn up. I am going to look to see if I can fit it into the program during the week so will keep you posted on that.

Over the next few months there are going to be some exciting changes happening at the gym both to the facility itself and the program. I will keep you all updated on these changes once everything is finalised and am very excited about the direction in which the gym is heading.

Have a great day guys and I'll see you all at the gym.


Speed Squats (00X1)
4x6 @60% 1rm
(Move the bar as fast as poss)

EMOM 15;
1- 40s Alt DB Snatch
2- 40s Box Jumps @24/20
3- 40s Toes to Bars
(Score your score on Round 1)

Carry on from a few weeks ago, moving the bar as fast as possible working at 60% of your 1rm. For the Wod you set your standard for each part in round 1 and then work hard to maintain it. "


Every 5 mins x 45mins;
1- 1000/800m Row
2- 800/600m Run
3- 3 min Amrap;

R1- Amrap;
Wallball (10's)

R2- Amrap;
Turkish Get ups

R3- Amrap;

4 min Cap for each section so be sure to scale or pick a distance that will take you around 3:30-3:45mins.


Strict Press
(Up to Heavy Single)

3 Sets;
4-6 Strict Press @70% above
12 Tempo Ring Rows @30X1
Rest 60-90s

12min Amrap;
9 Push Press @42.5/30
12 FR Rev Lunges
(Compare to 17th July)

Building to a strict press max for the day before hitting a few drop sets and then a repeat wod from July.


Snatch Balance + Pause in catch
10mins- 2's

Snatch Pull + Hang P Snatch
Heavy Set
(Not tngo)

EMOM 10;
1- 30s Power Snatch
2- 30s OH Squats

Starting with Snatch balance, time spent working technique with a light weight or building. Going heavy with Snatch pull + Hang P Snatch before focussing on some barbell cycling at around 70-80% intenisty alternating between power snatch and OH Squats.


Every 3 mins x 18mins;
12 Power Cleans @60/40
12 Bar Hop Burpees

3 Sets;
100m Farmers Carry
60s Weighted plank
Rest 1:1
(work in pairs)

Some barbell cycling / conditioning to kick off today before finishing with some heavy carries and weighted plank holds.


3 Attempts;
500m Row for time
Rest 3 mins btw sets

8x20s Work / 10s Rest
Air Squats
Rest 1 min
Russian KB Swings @24/16
Rest 1 min
Push ups
Rest 1 min
Sit ups

Testing your 500m time, first will be around 70-80% effort, second around 80-90% and then the last will be a max attempt. Finishing with some tabata intervals.





Power Clean
Heavy Single

EMOM 20;
1) 5 Power Cleans
2) 5 Front Squats
Around 60-70% Max

Maxing out on the power clean and then dropping down for a long EMOM alternating between heavy power cleans and front squats from the floor. Same bar throughout.



Pause Front Squats
3-2-1-1-1 (Build)

12min EMOM;
1- 40s Row (m)
2- 40s Burpees
3- 15 Wallball (same every round)

Skill- Weighted Planks (3x40s)

Heavy Single for todays Squats aiming to finish heavier than last week. for the EMOM be consistent with your reps for first two movements and always hit 15 for the wallball.


5x5 @5kg Heavier than last time (or 70%)

3 Rounds;
400m Run (2x200m)
21 KB Swings @24/16
12 Pull ups

Skill- Broad Jumps (3 attempts at Max)

If you did these a few weeks back the aim is to add 5kg if not work at 70% or RPE 7/8. Benchmark wod and the testing your broad jump.


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