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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 18th August 2019

Good morning GB'ers, I hope you're all having great weekends. All the Gym kits is now in from the Printers and it looks awesome. If you ordered anything you will need to purchase the item via the teamup store before collection. We do have some spares also so if you missed out, anything thats hung up on the rail is available.

A reminder that next week is the Bank holiday so on Monday the 26th August the gym will be open from 9am to 12pm with a class at 10am only so be sure not to miss it....its gonna be a fun one.

Programming is attached below;


Speed Squats (00X1)
4x8 @55-60% 1rm
(Move the bar as fast as poss)

'Inferno Racing Wod'
In 7 minutes
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters @20/15
Max Burpees over bar

Start of a new block which is focussing on speed. The weights are light with the intention of moving the bar as fast as poss. Todays wod comes from last weeks Inferno racing comp.


Push Press
Heavy 5

3 Sets;
5 Push Press @90% above
10-15 Sup Grip Ring Rows
Rest up to 2 mins

5 sets;
In 2 mins;
15 Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15
200m Run
Max Toes to Bars
Rest 1 mins
(Score= Total TTB)

Heavy set for Push press before dropping to 90% and superseding dropsets with Supinated Grip Ring Rows (palms up). Today's Wod is all about getting back to the bar as quick as poss and getting as many toes to bars as you can.


4 Sets;
6-8 RDL's @30X1
Rest 30s
40-60s Plank Walkouts
Rest 90s

3 Rounds for time;
30 Wallball
20 Hang Power Cleans @42.5/30
10 Bar Hop Burpees

Building some weight on the RDL's superseding with plank walkouts (scaled to regular plank hold). Todays wod you want to pick a weight you can hit at least round one unbroken, don't want it to be too heavy as want to keep the intensity high.


EMOM 20 (5 Sets);
Min1- 1x Snatch
Min 2- 2x Snatch
Min 3- 3x Snatch
Min 4- Rest (Add weight)

OH Squats
5-5-5-5-5 (Build)

Starting at around 60% of your Max will complete 1 rep on min 1, 2 reps on min 2 and then 3 on min 3. min 4 you will rest and add some weight. You will complete 5 full sets with the intention of that last set being the heaviest. Will then set up on racks and finish with some OH Squat work. "



5 Sets;
In 3 minutes;
400m Run
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

(Rest 1 minute)

In 3 minutes;
500/400m Row
10 Alt DB GTOH
10 Sit ups

(Rest 1 minute)

Aiming for around 90s- 2mins work for the first part and then a minute for the amrap.


3 Sets;
Max reps UB KB Swings @24/16
Rest 1 mins
Max Plank Hold (20/10kg)
Rest 3 mins

3 rounds for Max Reps;
60s Plate Flips @20/15
60s OH Plate lunges @above
60s Burpees to plate
60s Alt V Ups
60s Rest

How many swings can you do without breaking?? With the planks if you can't hold a regular plank for 60s you won't add weight you will just do bodyweight. Todays Wod is just you and your plate trying to accumulate as many reps as poss.





Heavy Double

EMOM 10;
1 Rep at above Max

Drop down to 80% above
Front Squats
(Must Clean first rep)

Focussing on the Squat clean today building to a heavy double before a 10min EMOM at that max weight. Dropping the weight down and working front Squats starting each set with a Clean.


5 Sets;
5 Floor Press (Heavy) @20X1
Rest 45s
6-8 Strict Pull ups @21X1
Rest 90s

3 Sets;
40-60s CF Handstand Hold
Rest 30s
100m Farmers Carry
Rest 60s

EMOM 10;
1- 15/12 Cal Row
2- 30s Max Press ups

Working up the weight thats challenging but achievable for 5 reps. Superset with strict Pull ups. Second part will be focussing on Handstand holds and ensuring good positions throughout and then will finish with an EMOM of rowing and Press ups.



Push Press

4 Rounds;
15 Burpees
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks
(12min Cap)

Skill- Kipping Drills on Bar

Heavy 3 for push press and then 4 rounds of DT with 15 Burpees before each round. Practising kipping drill (pull ups or toes to bars) for the skill.


Pause Front Squats

10min Amrap;
200m Run
10 Wallball
200m Run
20 Wallball
....+10 reps every rd

Skill- Hanging L / Tuck Holds

Heavy set for the squats before the ascending ladder of wallball and running. Add 10 reps to the wallball every round but runs stay at 200m. 3 Sets of max hanging L or Tuck Hold.


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