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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 14th July 2019

Good morning GB'ers. Would like to kick things off by thanking everybody that brought a friend over for the 'Bring a friend' sesh yesterday, was a tough workout but hopefully will see some of them again.

The summer social is confirmed and booked in for Saturday 17th August. We had a great response so hopefully there will be lots of us out. We have booked an area at Bambalam from 7pm and there may be a few of us out a little earlier if anybody's interested. After a close vote it was decided by you guys to go with a challenge wod over a comp for that mornings session so I'm going to get my thinking cap on and come up with something a bit cheekier than usual to help us kick start the day. So, save the date.....SATURDAY 17TH AUGUST!

Lots of exciting workouts, its a tough week but should be fun......enjoy!



Tempo Back Squats (30X0)
3x5 @70% Last week (DE LOAD)

8 Sets of 20s work/ 10s rest;
Cal Row
Rest 1 min
Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15
Rest 1 min
Rest 1 min
Box Jumps

De load from Back Squats and then hitting a tabata format workout where you're scored on your lowest set for each movement.



For Total Time;
2000m Row
Rest 3 mins
1 Mile Run (4 Laps)
Rest 3 mins
5min Amrap- Down ups
Rest 3 mins
1 Mile Run (4 Laps)
Rest 3 mins
2000m Row

Don't be put off by this wod, you'll be working through it at your own pace and trying to get as far through it as you can in the set time. Its going to be a lower intensity that a regular class wod so if you're a long wod dodger take the plunge and give it a try.


5 Sets;
5 Strict BB Press @70% or RPE 7
Rest 30s
10 Pause Ring Rows
Rest 30s
20 Hollow Rocks
Rest 1 min

12min Amrap;
9 Push Press @42.5/30
12 FR Rev Lunges
(Compare to 15th May)

If you did the heavy single a few weeks back you'll be able to work off that but if not work to an RPE 7 for the Press. Todays wod is a repeat from about 8 weeks ago so if you did it you may have a score to beat.


Hang Power Clean + Push Press
3x2+1 (Primer)

Power Clean + Push Jerk
Heavy Single

For Time / Quality
10 Sets;
3 Power Clean + Push Jerks
@70% above Max

Part A is an extended warm up, getting a little weight on the bar but not going to heavy. Spend about 20mins building to a heavy set for P Clean and Jerk and then dropping down and working on BB Cycling. Set of 3 unbroken, resting as much as needed to hit the next set unbroken.


Tempo Deadlifts (30X1)
3-3-3-3-3 (Rest 2-3mins)

'The Chief'
5 Sets
3 min Amrap;
3 Power Cleans @60/40
6 Press ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 min

Build quite heavy for you deadlifts, try and go heavier than you did on 27th June for 5. Todays workout is a classic benchmark.


'Helen....and some'
5 Rounds;
400m Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pull ups

3 Sets;
60s Wtd Plank Hold
Rest 30s
30s Star Plank (L)
30s Star Plank (R)
Rest 60s

Rounds should be taking around 3:30mins so if needed scale the distance on the run and pick a weight you can get through those swings unbroken. The second part will be Core stability work.





Muscle snatch + OH Squat
3x5+5 (Keep light)

Snatch Pull + Snatch
1+1- Heavy Set

Every 30s x 10mins;
1 Snatch @70% above

Today primer working on bar path and that receiving position before progressing onto a Pull and a Snatch. You will max out on this complex and then drop down to 70% and complete 1 Snatch every 30s for 20 reps.


4 Sets;
4-6 SA DB Press (Seated)- ES
Rest 45s
4-6 SA DB Row- ES
Rest 90s

3 Sets;
10-12 Sup Ring Rows (30X1)
Rest 30s
10-12 Diamond Press ups (30X0)
Rest 60s

10min Amrap;
3 Wall Climbs (nose to wall)
6 Strict Pull ups
12 NPU Burpees

Some single arm strength work to start followed by some higher rep push / pull gymnastics before finishing with a 10min amrap performed for quality.



5 sets;
100m Farmers Carry
30s Plank
(Work in Pairs- see notes)

10min Amrap;
20 KB Deadlifts
200m Run
20 Box Jumps
200m Run

Skill- Kids Choice

You start when your partner gets back from the carries.


Push Press
5-5-5-5-5 (Build)

Suitcase Carry
3x100m (50m Each arm)
Rest 1:1
(Work in pairs)

8 min Amrap;
4 Toes to Bars
8 Press ups
12 Alt DB Snatch

Skill- Hollow / Tuck holds

Build to relatively heavy set on push press and for the carries pick a load you can hit unbroken.


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