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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Good morning GB'ers hope I hope all is well. I've been getting asked a lot recently about signing out the key and using the gym on the weekend when we are closed. Unfortunately this is not permitted as there is no coach coming in after you. You may use the key to train first thing Monday to Friday in the morning before classes start or during the day between 12:00pm and 3:30pm when the gym is closed.

I am looking to organise a mini in-house competition or Challenge Wod sometime in August with a summer social in the afternoon / evening. I will post some dates and ideas in the group but hopefully be able to get lots of you involved. Whatever we do will be for all abilities and just great fun so try and get involved if you can.

I will leave you with the programming, its a great week so try and get in as much as you can and get those summer gains ;)

Have a great day.



Tempo Back Squats (30X0)
3-3-3-3-3 (Build)

3 Rounds;
In 4 mins;
30 Wallball
30 Alt DB Power Cleans
Max Burpees
Rest 2 mins

New block for Back squats, working to a Tempo for the next few weeks. This workout has prescribed rest to enable you to try and hit all 3 rounds unbroken.



5 Rounds
In 8 minutes;
Row 1000/800m
200m Run
15 Russian KB Swings
10 Box Jumps
Rest 2 mins

Kicking off each round with a relatively long run, should be around 4-5 mins leaving you with 3 mins to get as many rounds as pos on the workout.


4 Sets;
6-8 SA Standing DB Press (2121)
Rest 30s
30s Star Side plank (ES)
Rest 60s

For Quality;
30 Press ups + 30 Ring Rows
Rest 1 min
20 Press ups + 20 Ring Rows
Rest 30s
10 Press ups + 10 Ring Rows

3 Sets;
200m SA Suitcase Carry (32/24)
60s Weighted Plank Hold
Rest 60s

3 parter today. Upper Push / Pull with lots of core work. Finishing with some SA Farmers Carries and plank holds to finish.


Snatch + Pause in Catch
Heavy Single

EMOM 20;
1 Rep @80% above (with pause)

Going to build to a heavy Snatch single for the day and then drop down to 80% and complete 20 reps, one every minute


Tempo Deadlifts (30X1)
5-5-5-5-5 (Rest 2-3mins)

10min Amrap;
3 Bar Muscle ups
5 Hang Power Snatch @42.5/30
7 Bar Hop Burpees

Building some weight on the Deadlifts today but being very strict with the tempo. Todays Wod is designed for you to be able to get through each moment unbroken so scale the exercises / weights if needed.


4 Rounds;
20 Wall Facing Shoulder taps (es)
Rest 30s
20 Goblet Squats @20X1
Rest 30s
40-60s Tuck / Hollow Hold
Rest 1 minute

10 Rounds;
300/250m Row
Rest 1min

Some High rep Upper, Lower and Core work to kick off followed by rowing intervals. Aim to be consistent across all 10 rounds.




Front Squat + Pause Push Jerks
3x 3+3

Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk
Heavy Single

For Quality;
(@60% above max)
1 HPC + 10 Push Jerk
2 HPC + 9 Push Jerk
3 HPC + 8 Push Jerk
4 HPC + 7 Push Jerk

For todays Primer you're going to complete 3 squats and then 3 jerks with a pause in the dip before each jerk. You will then drop the weight down and build to a heavy single for the Hang Power Clean and Push Jerk before dropping down to 60% and working through the chipper for quality NOT TIME! All sets have to be unbroken so rest as required.


3 Sets;
Max CF Handstand Hold
Rest 30s
10-15 Tempo Ring Rows (30X1)
Rest 60s

Every 2 mins x 24mins;
1- 10-12 Seated DB Press (2121)

2- 5 Strict Pull ups
10-15 Tempo Press ups (30X1)

3-  100m Farmers Carry (UB)

Todays session we are focussing on the Handstand to start before finishing with 4 rounds alternating between the three sets every 2 mins. Aiming to work for around 60-90s on each part with the focus being quality of movement not trying to get it done as quick as poss.


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