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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 12th May 2019

Good morning GB'ers, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I posted about this a few days ago but I have a selection of Maximuscle products I'm selling at a discounted rate. I've got a few tubs of Protein left and boxes of protein Bars. The Protein is £20 a tub and the bars are £10 for a box of 12 which is a bargain. Let me know if you want me to reserve anything for you.

The Sunday Gymnastic Strength sessions are still very quiet, was hoping that moving the classes back an hour would encourage more people to come along but it hasn't. I am going to give it to the end of the month and if it doesn't pick up i am going to look at removing it. The session is aimed at all abilities with a focus on improving your upper body Strength so if this is an area you want to improve then I highly recommend it.

Don't forget that Sunday 9th June is the 'Outside the Box' day out. Same as before, the plan is to meet nice and early at the gym, head down to West Bay in convoy and then hit the 8 mile Coastal walk to the Golden Cap. Its a 4 mile hike out and then on the way back there is this amazing pub on the beach we will stop at for some lunch before heading back. I'll send out more details nearer the time but make sure you save the date.

Enjoy the rest of you day and I'll see you all in the gym.



Back Squats (wk 2)
1x3 @70%
4x3 @75%

KB Swings @24/16
(12min Cap)

Back on the squat cycle after a break for the Bank Holiday weekend followed a by a classic couplet of KB Swings and Burpees. Its an ascending ladder format but for the Swings the reps are doubled.


10 rounds;
In 4 mins;
300m Run
30/25 Cal Row
Max reps
Rest 1 min
1- Air Squats
2- Press ups
3- Front Plank Elbow lifts
4- Alt Front Lunges
5- Bench Dips
6- Hollow Rocks
7- Alt Pistols
8- Walkaways
9- Alt V Ups
10- Burpees

For this workout aiming for around 3 mins to get the row and run done and then a minute on the exercise. I have selected 10 Bodyweight exercise for you to do.

EMOM 15;
1- 4-6 Strict Press (no racks)
2- 6-8 Strict Pull ups
3- 30s Hollow Hold

12min Amrap;
9 Push Press @42.5/30
12 FR Rev Lunges
(1 bar only)

For part A we have a 5 round EMOM working relatively heavy for the Strict Press trying to maintain the rep range without dropping weight. Strict Pull ups can be scaled to Negatives or Ring rows and then the hollow can be scaled to a tuck hold. For the Amrap keeping the weight nice and light, trying to go straight from the push press into the lunges.

Snatch Balance + Pause in bottom
3-2-1-1-1 (Build but not too Max)

2 Pos Power Snatch
(Below knee / Floor)
5 sets (Build)

EMOM 10;
1x Power Snatch @above Max

Using Part A to work on that receiving position. If you're not confident with the OH Squat can do a power variation. For Part B working on some positional stuff before finishing with an EMOM of Power Snatch from the floor.

EMOM 10;
3 Hang Power Snatch
5 Box Jumps
(40s Cap)

5 sets;
in 2 mins
Run 200m
10 Deadlifts (70/50)
Max HSPU's
(rest 60s)

Pick a weight you can get through those 3 reps comfortably touch and go, rounds should be around 30-40s.

3 sets;
Rest 60s
8 Tempo Press @2121 (EA)
Rest 60s
30s Star Side Plank (ES)
Rest 60s

EMOM 21;
1- 15/12 Cal Row
2- 15 Burpees
3- 15 Wallball



HP Clean + F Squat + Push Press
4x 2+2+2

Hang Cluster
Heavy Single

UB Thrusters @60% Max
Start each set with Hang Cluster

Part A is a primer for when you build to heavy Cluster. Part C is not for time but for quality, aiming to complete each set unbroken so will rest as required in order to hit your reps.

5 sets;
6-8 Tempo DB Bench Press (30X1)
Rest 60s
4-6 Strict Tempo Pull ups (30X1)
Rest 60s

3 Sets;
10 SA DB Arnie Press (EA)
10 SA DB Rows (EA)
Rest 60s

10min Grind;
50m Farmers Carry
15s Ring Dip Support
10 Pause Ring Rows
20s C F Handstand Hold


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