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Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Comp Update!

Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Comp Update!

Sunday 14th April 2019

Good morning guys, I have changed the date of the Competition to Saturday 4th May as there were a lot of people unable to compete due to the easter weekend. I'm hoping more people will get involved on the 4th, its great fun and for all abilities so grab a partner and sign yourselves up.....there will still be Golden egg prizes for the winners ;)

The Social will still be as planned on Saturday the 20th. The plan is to hit a bit of a pub crawl on the Gloucester road so will meet at the Bristol Flyer from 7pm. We will be moving on to the next pub at 8 so if you can't make it in time for 7 we will probably be next door at the Cider Press. A few of use are planning on grabbing a burger a bit earlier around 4:30pm at Atomic Burger so if you want to join us drop me a message by COP Monday as we'll be booking a table.

Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll catch you all at the gym.



Back Squats
1x5 @70%
1x5 @80%
Max 2 attempts at 5rm

3 rounds;
400m Run
21 Wallball
12 Pull ups

Final week of this current Squat cycle. For the Wod you should be aiming to go unbroken, intensity should be high and the workout fast.

Push Press

EMOM 20;
1- 15/12 Cal Row
2- 10-15 Burpees
(50s Timecap- See notes below)

Build over 5 sets to a heavy 5 for the Push Press followed by and alternating EMOM of Rowing and Burpees. Aiming to work for around 40s each minute but there is a 50s time cap if you find your pace drops. Simple and effective!!

Hang Power Clean
3-3-3-3-3 (Build over 5 sets only)

8min Amrap;
5 HSPU's
10 Russian KB Swings @32/24

3 sets;
15 Tempo DB RDL's
60s Deadbugs / Tuck Hold
Rest 60s

Working on Hang Power Cleans for part A, building over 5 sets only so not maxing out. For the wod the rounds should be short so you should to scale if needed and then it finishes with some posterior chain / core assistance work.

Weightlifting Class

Snatch Balance + pause in catch

Power Snatch + Pause in Catch
Work up to Heavy Single

3 Sets For Quality;
10 Tng P Snatch @50% above
Rest 60s

Build over 5 sets but not to Max for Snatch balance. You will then work up to a Heavy Single Power snatch before dropping to 50% for some higher rep drop sets focussing on Barbell cycling.

Long Wod

5 sets
In 8 minutes
1000m Run or Row
5 Pull ups
10 Press ups
15 Squats
(Rest 2 mins)

Working at 60-70% intensity, aiming to be consistent across all 5 rounds.

Every 2 mins x 18mins;
1- 30 UB Goblet Squats
2- 300m Steady Run
3- 60s Plank Hold

For time
Alt DB Power Cluster @22.5/15
Sit ups

For the first part you should be working for around 60s on each exercise and for the Wod the weight should be light and you should be able to work get through the wod without breaking to often.


CLOSED- Easter


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