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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 7th April 2019

Good morning guys I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. Quick reminder that every Friday we have 'Fiver Friday' which means anybody can rock up to any of the classes and pay £5 to join in. There is no booking required, they don't need to come with anyone they can literally just rock up and train. If you think you know of anybody that may be interested then let them know.

I've got a board up in the gym for anybody wanting to enter the comp at the end of the month. Got a few male teams in the mix but no females yet. Email me at if you'd like to get involved. It is for all abilities there is nothing in it that you wont have done in a regular class, its just a great opportunity to get down and smash a few workouts together and then eat loads of cake. With it being easter the next day its also a good way to burn a few calories to make way for the easter eggs.

We are also having a bit of a social in the evening, the plan is to hit a bit of a pub crawl down Gloucester road, and then anybody that wants to stay out we'll find a club somewhere and dance the night away.....its going to be awesome!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends and I'll see you all in the gym.


Programming for the week;

Back Squats
1x5 @65%
1x5 @70%
1x5 @75%
2x5 @80%

12min Amrap;
100m Run
15 Alt DB Snatch (22.5/15)
20 OH DB Lunges (10 Each side)

Coming to end of this Squat block so it will be getting heavier now, a little more rest required especially on those last 2 sets. For the Wod you should be able to go straight from that last DB Snatch into your OH lunges. Pick a weight you can hit unbroken. If you struggle OH can do front rack or without weight for the lunges.

4 Sets;
8 Deadlifts (Build)
40-60s Plank Hold
Rest 2 mins

In 10mins;
90 Russian KB Swings @32/24
60 Burpees
Max Toes to Bars (or Alt V Ups)

Build the weight on the Deadlifts but after each set you go straight into a plank hold before taking your 2 mins rest. For the Wod looking around 3-5 sets on the swings, work through the burpees without stopping to much and then get as much time on the Toes to bars or Sit ups.

Long Wod

10 Rounds;
500/400m Row
400m Run
Rest 1 min
(50min Cap)

Need to be starting a new round every 5 mins to complete in the cap. If you're struggling reduce the run to 300m.

Weightlifting Class

Power Clean
3,2,1,1,1,1,1 (Build)

For Quality; (SEE NOTES)

25 Deadlifts (5x5)
25 Hang Power Cleans (5x5)
25 Front Squats (5x5)
(@60% of above Max)

- Must complete all 25 reps before moving onto next exercise.
- Must be done in unbroken sets of 5 reps so rest as required between.

5 Sets;
8-10 SA DB Push Press (EA)
100m SA Farmers Carry (100m EA)
Rest 1 min

15min Amrap;
10 Pull ups
20 Press ups
30 Sit ups

build a weight that is challenging but that you can hit for 10 reps for at least the first couple of rounds and then try not to drop below 8 reps as you get tired. For the wod scale Pull ups and Press ups so you don't have to break much if at all.

5 sets;
20 Alternat Pistol Squats
200m Run (70-80%)
Rest 60s

'GB Special'
5 rounds;
15 Wallball
15 KB SDHP's (32/24)
15 Burpees

Scale the Pistols by using a box, and try not to completely rest on the box, keep it controlled all the way. As soon as you have done your pistols you go for your run and then rest 60s from when you get back. We have done this Wod a few times so may have a time to beat.


Weightlifting Class

Snatch Push Press + OH Squats
3 sets- 3+3 (Build but not heavy)

Power Snatch + Hang Snatch
Heavy Single

10min Ladder;
Drop down to 50% above
.....As far as pos in 10mins

Warming up with some Snatch Push Press into OH Squats. You will then build to a heavy single in the Snatch complex before dropping down to 50% and working through the 10min ladder of the same complex.

Gymnastics Strength

Strict Pull ups
Heavy 5
or 5x5 / Progressions

3 sets;
12-15 DB Bench Press with pause
12-15 Ring Rows with pause
Rest 60s

HSPU's or DB Push Press
Dips or Bench Dips
Press ups or Kneeling Press ups

Starting by working on Strict Pull ups before some push / pull assistance work. Finished with a Press based Gymnastics overload wod.


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