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Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Social Update!!

Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Social Update!!

Sunday 31st March 2019

Good morning GB'ers.

As you all know we are doing an 'Easter Throwdown' on Saturday 20th April, on the evening we are also going to be doing a Gym Social. Its been a while since the last night out so its definitely overdue. I will confirm more details nearer the time but the thought process is smash the comp in the morning, go home and relax and then big night out in the evening. Sunday you rest up, eat lots of easter eggs and then Monday you hit the Bank holiday Wod. You will not get a better bank holiday than that!!

I want to try and get as many of you as possible involved in both the Comp and the night out so regardless of how long you've been at the gym let me know if you're interested.

Next weeks programming;

Back Squats
1x5 @65%
1x5 @70%

3 rounds;
2 mins Max Wallball
2 mins Max Burpees
1 mins Rest

You will be scored on total reps per round. Aim to be consistent across all three sets.

Long Wod
Every 10mins x 5 sets;
4 mins Row (Metres)
600m-1000m Run

Aiming to work for around 8mins so pick a running distance that you can complete in that time giving you around 2 minutes rest between sets.

5 Giant Sets;
8-10 Seated BB Press
Max Ring Rows
60s Plank Hold
Rest up to 2 minutes

5 rounds;
30 Double unders
15 Push Press @42.5/30
15 Toes to Bars

Pick a weight that is tough but that you can hit for 10 reps on round one and then try not to let it drop below 8 reps as you get fatigued. For the Wod you will scale the double unders to either 60 single skips or 30 Lateral bar hops. 12minute time cap!

Weightlifting Class

Power Snatch
Heavy Single

5 sets;
6 Tng P Snatch @60% above
Rest 60s

OH Squats
10-10-10 (Build over 3 sets)

Building to a heavy Single on either Power Snatch or Hang Power Snatch. Will then be doing to high rep Barbell cycling at lower percentage and will finish working on the OH Squat.

Tng Power Cleans
3-3-3-3-3 (Build over 5 sets)

'The Chief'
5 rounds
In 3 minutes;
3 Power Cleans @60/40
6 Press ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute

For this workout you shouldn't have to break any of the movements so scale if needed. You start each 3 minute cycle where you left off on the previous for a score of Total rounds.

EMOM 10;
1- 40s DB Box Step ups
2- 40s Burpees @70-80%

Every 4 mins x 5 sets;
500m Row or 400m Run
25 KB Swings @24/20

3 sets;
15 Tempo DB RDL's (3s)
60s Tuck Hold
Rest 1:1

3 Parts to todays session. Keep the dumbbell weight nice and light for Part A and keep a steady pace on your Burpees. For the Wod aiming to go unbroken on the swings and be consistent with your round times. Part C is just a little extra posterior chain / core finisher.


Weightlifting Class

Full Clean
Heavy Single

In 10mins;
Accumulate as many reps as pos @80% above

3 Sets;
10 Tng Deadlifts @Max Clean
Rest 2 mins

Take your time building to a Heavy Clean for the day and then will drop to 80% and try and accumulate as many reps as you can in 10minutes. These should all be done in singles.

Gymnastics Strength

5 sets;
6 SA DB Bench Press (L)
6 SA DB Bench Press (R)
6 SA DB Rows (L)
6 SA DB Rows (R)
Rest 90s

1- 30s Chin over bar hold + Max Tempo press ups (3s)
2- Rest


1- 30s Chest facing Handstand Hold + Max Tempo Ring Rows (3s)
2- Rest

Some heavy Push / Pull single arm work to start followed by some strict gymnastic work.


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