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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 6th January 2019

Happy Sunday guys, I hope you are feeling refreshed and back into a bit of routine after the Xmas break.

I am really pleased that we had a load of interest in the Charity event we are going to be running on Sunday the 3rd Feb. For those of you that didn't see the post our good friends at CrossFit Bath are doing a fundraiser for one of their members who was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal Bowel Cancer at the age of 33. When I read Bens story I had to get involved so spoke to the guys at Bath and we decided to run the same event.

Read Bens story HERE

In teams of 2,3 or 4;
Marathon Row (42,100m)
1000 Burpees

It will be a minimum £10 donation per person taking part and we will also be running a cake sale to try and raise some extra cash so if you're any good at baking it would be much appreciated.

We will be getting started at 9:00am and I anticipate it taking up to 5 hours. We only have 8 rowers so if anybody has a rower they could bring down for the day it would be much appreciated,

If you would like to take part I need to you assign a team captain and get them to email me ( to confirm with all the names of the team members taking part.

Its a great event for a great cause so please get involved if you can.

Have a great day guys.



Back Squats (New Block)
Heavy 10
3x10 @90% above

5 sets;
In 2 minutes;
15 Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15
15 Burpees over DB
Max Box Jumps @24/16
Rest 1 minute
(Score is Total Box Jumps)
(90s Cap to get Burpees done)

Long Wod

10 rounds;
2 mins Row
2 mins Active Rest- 200m Jog
(Can do in Pairs)

Seated BB Press
Heavy 5
3x5@90% above

3 sets;
15 Ring Rows
Max Tempo Press ups (30X1)
Rest 60s

3 rounds;
400m Run
21 KB Swings @24/16
12 Pull ups

Weightlifting Class;

Power Snatch
2-2-2-2-2 (Build to RPE 7/8)

Hang Snatch
Heavy Single

Hang Snatch @70% above
(Start each set with a P. Snatch)

Rest as required btw sets

Power Clean (Tng Teckers)

For time;
1000m Row
30 Power Cleans @60/40
15 Bar Muscle ups
(10min Cap)

3 sets;
10 Tempo Deadlifts (40X1)
20 V/Ups (or Alt V Ups)
Rest 2 minutes

EMOM 10;
1- 5 Heavy Thrusters
2- 200m Run

5 rounds;
20 Wallballs
20 Burpees
Rest 60s


Weightlifting Class;

Hang Power Clean + Front Squat
2+1 x 5 sets- Build to RPE 7/8

Build to Heavy Single
3x1@90% Max
3x2@80% Max
3x3@70% Max

Core Work

Gymnastics Class;

Gymnastic Kipping Technique
10-15 mins

Pull ups Progressions

For Quality
100 Ring Rows
100 Press ups
100 Sit ups


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