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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 9th December 2018

Good morning all, I hope you aren't feeling to rough after the Xmas party last night. I scheduled this post last week as I knew I would be in no fit state to do it today so apologies for not going into too much detail on last nights activities.

If you didn't see the newsletter, its posted in the group, make sure you have a read as it contains all the information about the Xmas opening times aswell as lots of other interesting stuff for you.

Have a great day guys and I'll see you all in the week.



Back Squats
2-2-2-2-2 (Build)

For time;
Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15
15 DB Burpees after each set

5 sets;
3 Floor Press (Build)
15-20 Tempo Ring Rows
Rest up to 2 mins

30 Toes to bar (Buy in)

4 rounds;
15 Hang P Snatch @35/25
30 HR Press ups

30 Toes to bar (Cash out)

Long Wod

5 Rounds;
1000m Row
50 Down ups
2 mins Rest

(50min Timecap)

Weightlifting Class;

OH Squats + Pause
5-5-5 (Build)

Power Snatch + Pause below knee
2-2-2-2-2 (Finish on RPE 7/8)

Hang Snatch
Heavy Single

UB Hang Snatch @60% above
5 High Box Jumps after each set

Power Clean + Push Jerk
5x3+1- Build (Touch and Go)

For Time;
50 Wallball
400m Run
30 C/Jerk @60/40
400m Run
50 Wallball

5 Sets;
6-8 Filey Press (ES)
Rest 2 mins

Negative Pull ups
3x5 (5s Neg)
Rest 60s

15min EMOM
1- 18/15 Cal Row
2- Max Burpees
3- Rest



Weightlifting Class;

Split Press
3x5 (Light)

Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk
3+3 (5 sets)- Build to RPE 7/8
(3s Pause in Split Jerk)

Clean and Jerk
2+1- Build to Max

Gymnastics Class;

Bar Muscle up Drills

Handstand Progressions

EMOM 15;
1- 40s Arms only Row
2- 40s Tempo Press ups (30X1)
3- 40s Hollow Hold


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