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Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Christmas Countdown

Weekly Bulletin / Programming- Christmas Countdown

Sunday 2nd December 2018

Good morning all, It is officially the countdown to Xmas. It is December, the best month of the year!!

Saturday is the Xmas Party aka the party of the year!! Plenty of tickets sold already so its going to be a great evening. We will be hitting a Pre Party Wod in the morning for anybody that wants to come and burn off a few calories prior to the event but if you intend to save your energy for the evening then the plan is to meet at Bar 135 from 7:30pm. The gym will be closed on Sunday so I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Attached is a picture of the Xmas / New Year opening times. There will be a class each day that we are open at 10am and the gym will be open until 1pm for Open gym use if you don't want to do the class. Booking on as normal on Teamup.

Enjoy the rest of the day guys and I will see you all during the week.



Every 3 mins x 15;
10 Back Squats @70/45
200m Run
(No Racks)

3 rounds;
60s Max Russian Swings 24/16
60s Max Gob Rev Lunges 24/16
60s Max Burpees
60s Rest
(If busy stagger by 2 mins)

Long Wod

In Pairs;
10,000m Row
(Change every 500m)
After each set you must Run 100m before you rest

Seated BB Press
3-3-3-3-3 (Build)

3 sets;
10 Seated BB Press (Light)
15-20 Tempo Ring Rows
Rest 60s

12min Amrap;
12 Hang P Cleans @35/25
9 HR Press ups
6 Toes to Bars

Weightlifting Class;

3 Pos Power Clean
(3s Pause in Catch for each rep)
-Floor, Below knee, Over knee
5 Sets- Build

Below Knee Hang Squat Clean
(1s Pause below knee)

Tempo RDL's
(slow down / fast up)

Power Snatch Tech

3 rounds;
10 Power Snatch @60/40
20 Bar Hop Burpees

4 sets;
20 DBL DB RDL's (3s neg)
60s Plank Hold
Rest 1:1

Every 90s x 4 sets; (12mins)
1- 8 Tempo Gob Squats (42X0)
2- 40-60s Handstand Hold

5 rounds for time;
20 Wallball
200m Run
20 KB Swings @24/16
200m Run

Pre X Mas Party Wod



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