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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 28th October 2018

Good morning guys, I hope you're all having a good weekend. Still have some spaces for people wanting to get involved in the Pairs comp. Its going to be a great morning so even if you don't have a partner, put your name on the board and we can try and find someone for you to go with. Its an inclusive comp for all abilities guys so don't be afraid to get sign up.

A reminder that the Xmas Party is booked for Saturday 8th December, I know its a way off but make sure you keep this weekend free. I will send out more details over the next few weeks but we have booked Bar 135 on Whiteladies road which is an awesome little venue.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll be seeing you all in the week.


Back Squats
3x5 @90% above

2 rounds for time;
800m Run
40 Alt DB Snatch (22.5/15)
20 Box Jumps @24/20
(14min Time Cap)

5 sets;
5 Press (Build)
10-15 Tempo Ring Rows (3s Neg)
Rest 2mins

5 sets;
In 2:30 mins;
300/250m Row
10 Shoulder to OH (50/35)
Max Bar Hop Burpees
Rest 90s

Long Wod

40min Ladder;
400m Run
400m Row
800m Run
800m Row
1200m Run
1200m Row
......As far as pos

Weightlifting Class;

Muscle Snatch
3x5 (Light)

Tall Snatch
3-3-3 (Build over 3 sets)

Low Hang Snatch
(2s pause below knee)
Heavy Double

Snatch Pulls
3x5 @Above Max
3s lower from top- Not touch and go!

EMOM 10;
1- 5 Hang Power Cleans @70%
2- 10-15 HR Press ups (30s Cap)

5 rounds for time;
20 KB Swings @24/16
10 Burpee Box Jumps @24/20

3 Sets; (if time)
40s Hollow Hold
Rest 20s
40s Arch Hold
Rest 20s

3 sets;
20 BB Lunges @approx 40% BS
200m SA Farmers Carry (100m ES)
Rest 2 mins

3 rounds for time;
400m Run
21 Goblet Squats (32/24)
12 Pull ups


Weightlifting Class;

Power Clean (3s hold in catch)
3-3-3-3-3 (Build to around 7 RPE)

Blow Knee Hang Clean (full squat)
Heavy Single

Clean RDL's (just below knee)
3x5 @105% above
(Can wear straps)

Gymnastics Class;

Pull ups Progressions

3 sets;
Max Strict HSPU's
500/400m Row
(Scale- Dips or Press ups)
Rest 2 mins

3 sets;
200m Farmers Carrys
40-60s Hollow Hold
Rest 2 mins


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