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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 14th October 2018

Happy Sunday guys, I hope you're enjoying the weekend. Pleased to announce that we will be hosting another In-house comp on Saturday 24th November. Its an all inclusive competition which means everyone can get involved. It will be a Same sex pairs, If you want to get involved need to let Laura know and stick your name on the board. Don't worry if you don't have partner, get your name on the board and we'll find you someone. There will be a Teens heat also so you'll get to see the little ninjas smashing it. There may also be a cheeky little winter social in the evening for anyone that wants to get involved in that (details tbc).

I know its a long way off but the Xmas Social date has been confirmed for the 8th December so get that in your Diary, details announced a little nearer the time.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be sure not to miss next weeks longwod, its a beauty ;)



Back Squats
5x5@70% of 1rm (or RPE 7)

BB Lunges
3x20 @40% 1rm

7min Amrap;
Bar Hop Burpees
(Mainsite wod)

Hang Power Cleans
3-3-3-3-3 (Build over 5 sets)
Rest 2 mins btw

3 rounds;
400m Run
30 KB Swings @24/16
30 Box Jumps

Split Jerk
Heavy Single

Strict Pull ups
5x5 (add weight if pos)

12 min Ladder;
Push Press @42.5/30
Deadlifts @42.5/30
HR Press ups

Weightlifting Class;

Snatch Balance

3 Pos Snatch (1s Pause each pos)
Floor, Below knee, above knee
5 sets- Build

Snatch Pulls
3x5 @+5kg on Above Max"

Long Wod;

In Pairs
1000/800 Cal Row
2mins on / 2 mins off
(You must complete 200m Run during 2 mins rest)


4 sets;
8 Tempo Deadlifts (4s)
(Bar Doesn't Touch the floor)
40-60s Handstand Hold
Rest 2-3mins
(Heavier than 14th Sept)

For time;
30 Toes to Bars
40 Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15
50 Burpees
40 Alt DB Snatch
30 Toes to Bar


Weightlifting Class;

Tall Cleans
3x5 (Keep light)

Power Clean + Hang Clean
1+1 (Build)

UB Hang Cleans @70% above
(Each set starts with a P Clean)

Clean Pulls
3x5@+5kg on above Max

Gymnastics Class;

Skill- Toes to Bars
(15 minutes working on Technique)

Tabata (8sets-20s W / 10s R);
Press ups
(Rest 1 minute)
Ring Rows
(Rest 1 min)
V Ups (or Alt V Ups)
(Rest 1 min)


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