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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 1st July 2018

Happy Sunday guys,

Keeping it short today as I'll be sending out a newsletter early next week and I have loads to talk about.

Incase you didn't know we have now introduced our friend referral scheme. If you bring a friend down and they sign up to a 12 month contract you'll get a FREE months membership. We have also just introduced our Summer special, so any new members will get the 2 month Intro course for half the regular price as long as they sign up between now and the 31st July. Everyones a winner ;)

Apologies to anyone that was in the classes today, unfortunately because they were filming next door we couldn't have any music on. Its very rare that they ask but unfortunately today was one of those times.

Ill leave you with next weeks programming, and don't forget to check your emails tomorrow for the newsletter, its a good one.

Enjoy your evenings.

Back squats
1x Heavy 4 (wk1/3)
3x4@90% above

3 rounds;
400m Run
30 Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15
30 Box Jumps

Power Snatch

4 sets;
In 3 mins;
300/250m Row
20 Burpees
Max Rep Toes to Bars
Rest 1 min

3 sets;
30s COB Hold
30s Rest
30s Ring Sup Hold
30s Ring Dip Hold
60s Rest

Every 7 mins x 5 sets;
1200m Run
(6mins += Every 8 x 4 sets)

(Building from 20 June)

Weightlifting Class
Power Clean + Tall Clean

2-2-2-2-2 (Build)

3 sets;
8 Hang Clean Pulls
60s Plank Hold


5 rounds
In 2 minutes
6 Shoulder to OH
9 Hang Power Cleans
12 Deadlifts
Max HSPU's
Rest 60s
(Rxd- 50/35g)

5 sets;
200m KB Farmers Carrys
40-60s Hollow / Tuck Hold
Rest 1:1

EMOM 20;
1- 15/12 Cal Row
2- 40s Gob Squats
3- 200/150m Run
4- 40s Max Burpees
(Be consistent over all 5 rounds)

Saturday Hustle

Weightlifting Class;

OH Squat (from Rack)

Hang P Snatch + Full Snatch
Build to Heavy Single

5x1 Full Snatch @Max Above

15 mins Skill work
HSPU's Teckers
10min EMOM

For Quality / Time;
Strict Pull ups
(10-15 Press ups after each set)

Seated DB Press
(10 Ring Rows after each set)


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