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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Good evening guys, I hope you've all had great weekends. Thanks to everybody that came down for the Nutrition Seminar this morning, I hope it was useful. If you're stuck with anything we covered feel free to come and see me and Ill go over it with you.

The first SID Wod has been posted. The deadline is the 27th June, I will be posting this in the Class sometime the week after next so you'll all get a chance to do it. So far we have loads of you guys signed up which is great. Its total Free to sign up, all you need to do is click HERE, register as an athlete and then join our Tribe (CrossFit Greater Brislington). Once you've done that it just means if your scores are in the Top 12 of the gym it will contribute to our overall scoring and potentially help us qualify for the finals. Absolutely nothing to lose guys so get involved.

T shirts will be here next week and I will be restocking the Battle Oats Bars, the reason its taken so long is because they are out of stock of the flavours i want, as soon as they are back ill order a load.

Enjoy the rest of your evenings and ill see you at the Gym next week.

Next Weeks Programming

Back squats
1x Heavy 6 (wk1/3)
3x6@90% above

15min EMOM
1- 250/200m Row
2- 15 Front Rack Lunges (60/40)
3- 10 Box Jumps @30/24

Power Snatch + Hang Snatch
Build to Max for the day

In 10mins;
60 Bar Hop Burpees
30 OH Squats @35/20
Max Bar Muscle ups

3 sets;
30s Chin over Bar Hold
Max Rep Press ups
Rest 60s

Long Wod;
40min amrap;
800m Run
40/30 Cal Row
Rest 2 mins

Weightlifting Class;

Power Snatch + Hang P Snatch
5 sets- Build

Drop to 50% above

Full Snatch + 3s Pause in Catch
Build to Heavy Single

Snatch Pulls
3x3 @115% 1RM

Strict Press

Ring Rows
3x8-10 (30X3)

3 rounds;
25 Hang P Cleans (35/25)
25 Shoulder to OH
Every Drop perform 7 Bar hop burpees

Compare to 3 Oct 2017

(60s Plank after each set)

'Annies Russian Mate'
Russian KB Swings
Sit ups

Saturday Hustle

Weightlifting Class;

Clean and Jerk

Power Clean + 2 Split Jerks

Drop to 50% above

Clean and Jerk
Build to Max

Clean Pulls
3x3 @115% above Max

Gymnastics Class;

EMOM 10;
3-5 Kip HSPU's
Recover Row btw

5 rounds;
10-15 Feet elevated Ring Rows
50m OH KB Carry (R)
50m OH KB Carry (L)
40-60s Tuck Hold
Rest 60s


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