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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 13th May 2018

Happy Sunday guys, I hope you've all had a great weekend. Not much to report today, just a quick reminder that I will be doing the Nutrition Seminar on Sunday 3rd June at 8:45am so if you want to come you'll need to book via team up or by clicking HERE.

Im planning on doing a T Shirt / Vest order next Friday so if you want anything stick your name on the list. Mens T Shirts will be £17.50 and ladies Vests £15. I have all the sizes at the gym so you can try on before you order.

Im away until Thursday so ill catch you all later in the week.

Next Weeks Programming


Back Squats (wk2/3)
1x Heavy 8
3x8 @90% above
(Heavier than last time)

3 rounds;
In 4 mins;
Run 400m
25 Box Jumps
Max Wallball
(Rest 60s)


Split Jerk

3 sets;
10-15 Ring Rows (3s Pause)

In 10mins;
50/40 Cal Row
50 DB H C/ Jerk @22.5/15
(Swap arms every 5 reps)
50 Burpees
Max Toes to Bar

(Score is total reps)


5 sets;
5 Hang P Cleans + 15 Box Jumps (rest 1:1 work in pairs)
(60% of Max- have to be UB)

5 sets;
in 2 mins
Run 200m
10 Deadlifts (85/60)
Max HSPU's
(rest 60s)

Weightlifting Class;

OH Squats from Rack
3-3-3-3 (3s tempo + 3s Pause)

Power Snatch from Hang

Full Snatch with 3 Pause


1- 5 Jump Pull ups (5s Neg)
2- 10 Tempo Press up (4s Neg)
3- 30s Hollow / Tuck Hold

Long Wod;
Every 5 mins x 30mins;
1- 1000/800m Row
2- 800m Run
3- 3 min amrap;
20 Russian KB Swings
20 Sit ups


4 sets;
15 KB Rev Lunges (Each Leg)
rest 30s
15 Tempo KB RDL's (3s Neg)
rest 30s
40-60s Plank Hold

5 rounds
15 Wallball
15 KB SDHP (32/24)
15 Burpees

Saturday Hustle



Weightlifting Class;

Behind the Neck Split Press

Behind the Neck Split Jerk

3 sets;
12-15 Bentover Rows + Pause
rest 60s

Gymnastics Class;

1x Max Kip HSPU's

EMOM 10;
50% above

5 rounds;
30s COB Hold
Max Press up (2s Pause top)
20 Sit ups (Active Recovery)


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