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Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Weekly Bulletin / Programming

Sunday 11th February 2018

Good evening team, I hope you've all enjoyed your weekends. A couple of things for you this evening before Programming.

First of all, the deadline to enter the Winter Throwdown next Saturday has now expired, we have loads of teams confirmed so it should be good fun. The plan is to get started for around 9:30am and be done by 1:00 / 1:30pm. Once I've finalised the wods Ill let you all know the heats, timings and the movements, either tomorrow or Tuesday so you'll have plenty of time to prep. Obviously there will be no classes next Saturday while the comp is on.

Finally, Im going to be giving away a FREE box of Battle Oats bars to one lucky person. To be included in the draw all you need to do is fill in the Customer Feedback Survey that I send out next week and then your name will go into the Draw, it will take you 5 mins. The winner will be announced in next weeks bulletin.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends team and Ill see you all during the week.



Back Squats
Heavy 5
3x5 @90% above

Tabata Row
(Rest until 6:00)
Tabata Air Squats
(Rest unti 12:00)
Tabata Burpees

(Tabata- 8x 20s W /10s R)

Power Clean

In 15 mins;
Run 1200m
AMRAP remaining time;
3 Deadlifts
2 Hang Power Cleans
1 Jerk
(Rxd- 70/50kg)

'Valentines Day Long Wod'

In Pairs complete 3 rounds;
1000m Row (300's/200's)
800m Run (200's)
60 Down ups (10's)

Weightlifting Class;
OH Squat- Max
Hang Snatch- Singles
Snatch Pulls- 3x5 @Max

Push Jerks
2-2-2-2-2 (Build)

3 sets;
6-10 Strict Pull ups

5 sets for Max Reps;
In 2 mins;
18/15 Cal Row
Max HSPU's
Rest 1 min

Front Squats
Heavy 5
(Compare to 12th Jan)

Open Prep Wod 17.5
10 rounds for time;
9 Thrusters @42.5/30
35 Double unders"

Saturday Hustle
In House Comp


Clean + Jerk- Max
Clean- Max
(Once you fail Jerk continue until you max out on your Clean)
Clean Pulls- 3x5 @Max Clean

Gymnastics Class;
Skill- Handstand Walks

EMOM 12;
1- 4 Wall Climbs
2- 20-30s Handstand Hold
3- 10-15 Ring Rows
4- 20-30s Hollow Hold


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