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Andy's Story

Andy's Story

Thursday 8th February 2018

"My lifestyle has changed drastically over the last few years. I have gone from being 23 stone, smoking 30 a day and binge drinking every weekend down to 15 stone and nearly tea total.....except for special occasions.

When I started on my weight loss journey I became a bit of a recluse. I used to go to work and not socialise with anyone. I felt I had to stay away from the temptation. I tried a few conventional gyms which just didn't work for me and then I found Crossfit GB and things began to change for the better. I was always obsessed with the scales, weighing myself daily, even after loosing all the weight I still had body image issues but now Its all about what I can achieve and how i feel. At my heaviest I didn't have the leg strength to get off the floor, I used to have to find something to grab hold of to help me up and now I can Back Squat 95kg and Deadlift 125kg aswell as cycle to and from work and do workouts I never thought id ever be able to.

Joining Crossfit was a hard thing for me to do, but it was by far one of the best decisions of my life. Iv made loads of friends, I socialise with the other members and aswell as being a lot fitter and healthier, Im also a lot Happier. To top things off I was awarded the Coaches Member of the Year award last year.

Angelo, Laura, Emma, Will and Kate are an amazing team of coaches. They have shown me how to push myself and helped me with the more technical movements. I really am grateful for what crossfit GB have given me so far and can't wait for what happens In the future."


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